DESIGN LETTERS // Numbers Crayons
DESIGN LETTERS // Numbers Crayons

DESIGN LETTERS // Numbers Crayons

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Designed for children, they are great in the parent’s office too: the Numbers Neon Crayons signed by Design Letters are elegant and sophisticate. Kids love it because of their letter decoration and the fluo colours, while the adults appreciate the chic and clean north-European design

This set includes 7 crayons and the lovely drumbox packaging make them great for a gift idea!

Why we like it:

  • Because we love North-European design, and want it for our kids too!
  • The beautiful font hand drawn in 1937 by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen is simple yet snappy. Easy for kids to read, loved by adults too!
  • Kids of all ages will love them!
  • All Design Letters items are made in safe environments and with great attention to the workers’ safety and wellbeing.