It all started in 2012 with a collection of affordable pieces and shoes for kids manufactured entirely in Lisbon and a rented small space within a furniture shop.
The dream was demanding, the investment was low. Like all good dreams, it kept growing and we plunged and got a bigger space. Originally, to keep the risk low, we invited other retailers to join us, creating our first concept store: REAL - Slow Retail Concept Store.
After almost nine years, we keep searching new brands and inventive products because that’s what we want to offer to our clients: a fresh and unique combination of products that they’ll not find anywhere else. This unique vision allowed us to reinvent Príncipe Real, and with many others independent stores, to be know as one of Lisbon most beautiful, creative and flourishing areas. 
More recently, we opened two other stores in this neighbourhood that we like to call home: in 2019 Bernardo Atelier Lisboa, in a bright place, displaying a more luxurious collection for all family and in 2020, Miranda & Go, our last project, with a minimal and elegant collection of clothes and accessories.