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LUCKY CAT // Maneki Neko

LUCKY CAT // Maneki Neko

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The lucky cat has a legendary history of origin - various myths and legends have shaped its meaning over the years. What has remained since time immemorial is the significance of the waving cat as a lucky charm! Through her tireless waving, the Maneki Neko is said to bring good luck to her owners. The coin she carries stands for "SEN MAN RYOU", which means 10 million gold pieces for you.

Traditionally, the lucky cat is placed near the front door to bring good luck directly into the house. However, placement is not limited to near the entrance - whether it's on a shelf, a desk, or a sideboard, the cat will feel right at ease anywhere in its new home!

If a portion of luck is needed in a certain area of life, the color scheme of the Japanese talisman is particularly important: because each color of the lucky cats is attributed a very special meaning.

  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 15 x 10,5 cm
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