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6 Colourful Soap Bars

6 Colourful Soap Bars

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6 small soaps in a box. The right soap for every emotion, for every moment of the day.

The Greek COOL SOAP - made on the island of Aegina - gives you with this "Mood of the Day" box a handmade soap that perfectly matches your mood.

Made from Greek olive oil and a little coconut oil. Coloured with pigments and oxides and scented with natural essential oils.

Each box has 7 different colours, scents and moods:

  • Curious: yellow. Smells like rosemary and sage.
  • Happy: orange. Smells of citrus and rosewood.
  • Loved: pink. Smells like jasmine and bergamot.
  • Calm: violet. Smells like jasmine and lavender.
  • Relaxed: blue. Smells like lavender and chamomile.
  • Lucky: green. Smells like lavender and eucalyptus.
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